One weekend to help you command confidence as a new communicator

There isn’t an instruction manual for freshly-minted communicators.

There simply isn’t a standard work environment. No one company is alike, no one job is identical and not all managers are gifted coaches and mentors.

Your first week at any new job can be stressful. But imagine joining a company where your job description is completely unique. You really don’t have a peer group, and you find out that your manager really hasn’t any expertise in the role you are assuming.

Think this is a rare situation for a new communications professional? Think again. If you’re already in your first job, you may know this all too well.

If you love learning new things, as a communicator your life will always be interesting. Count on it. You will certainly learn and polish your craft, but you will also learn about the services and products your company or an entire industry creates. Get ready for light-speed learning.

This world of new possibilities can be incredibly invigorating. But, it can also seem stressful if you’re flying solo without a mentor-manager to guide you.

It can feel like you’re working without a safety net and seem like, at any moment, you might run smack into great opportunity or challenge.

While I am incredibly grateful for all my roles and experiences in the corporate world, I had been in this situation more often than not in my early career years. Appearing stressed out was a common resting face for me on many days – not knowing what I was going to walk into next.

If only I knew then, what I know now.

Later in my corporate years, I would see the same stress on the face of new colleagues. I responded by helping them with a coaching nudge here and there.

No matter how prepared you feel, sometimes you need a guide to help you steer clear of challenge and keep on the path toward greater success.

Now that I have my own company, I’ve decided to do something about this common first-time communicator challenge.

I’ve boiled down the hard-learned lessons, tools, tricks and crucial strategies for success so that others can avoid unneeded stress and launch their careers toward possibility, opportunity and ultimately success.

You shouldn’t have to wait two decades. Why not soak it up now and get ahead?

Besides, stress shortens your life and gets in the way of your good time.

I've made some big leaps

Whether as a communicator in local government, to running a corporate communications program in a local health system and driving quality improvements in communications across North America for the Starbucks Company, I’ve been fortunate in my career.

I’ve made some big leaps, the first of which was switching from newspaper reporter to communications specialist for a local school district and then on to two of my state’s largest cities.

I then jumped to hospital communications, taking on media relations, internal communications and marketing duties, eventually growing my skills and influence to manage executive communications and employee engagement programs.

Hungry to grow my career, I joined the Starbucks Company half-way through my career, providing communications support for the company’s store development division. I then switched over to providing operational communications support for the company’s North America operations. In less than three years, I had four different desks and three different bosses.

After helping one my state’s health plans usher in wide-scale change and messaging support resulting from the passage of the Affordable Care Act, I joined a large hospital physician practice as a communicator, supporting more than 600 doctors spread across more than 100 sites in 23 states.

Whether city worker, resident, nurse, barista, equipment technician, physician or executive, I’ve grown accustomed to learning fast.

Now, I’m hoping I can help you by sharing some simple, but effective lessons to help you catapult your career ahead.

If you’re new to your craft as a professional, the learning curve can be steep.

Starting a new career is a big step for anyone. Having a new job, boss and company is a big leap. But if you’re new to your craft as a professional, the learning curve can be steep.

That’s how it was for me. On the plus side, I got countless opportunities to learn new things. But I was on my own for the most part.

I often walked into my roles blind, relying on my smarts and my ability to write.

I leaned on my leaders as best as I could. But, for the most part, I cobbled together my own set of resources to help show the path forward for me. I never had an instruction manual, as my specific role always seemed to be like no other or was the first of its kind.  And, I was always on the hunt for mentors or peers that could guide me – someone in a role that was like mine.

But I didn’t want to admit that I lacked what seemed to be basic corporate communication how-to stuff.  When confronted with new territory, I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t ask the questions that would have helped me define project success. I just assumed.

Trust me, if there was an easy and approachable source for me to find the information I needed, I would have been all over it.  

When confronted by a challenge or new project, I compensated by working longer. And because I didn’t know the boundaries of my own role, I would almost always take on too much.

The solo path is very time consuming.

My work-life balance sucked. I could have been so much more efficient and effective.

If I would have known what I know now, my career would have vaulted farther ahead. I would have still learned tons and grown along the way. But I’m sure it would have been at a much-reduced stress level.

It turns out that many of these hard-learned lessons are much more fundamental in form. They’re not complex strategies or innovations.

  •  What if I could share these lessons with you today and save you time and frustration?
  • What if you didn’t have to wait a decade or more to learn what I learned over time in my career?
  • What if you could avoid the headache of not meeting expectations in your first project, because you just didn’t know how to ask the right questions?
  • What if you could make sure your work is backed up by solid processes that will help bulletproof your final work product and reduce the risk of failure?
  • What if you learned ways to work stronger and not unnecessary hours longer as a professional communicator?

Imagine how an increased sense of achievement and competence would boost your perspective and confidence.

Imagine not being alone and having professional guidance and support to nudge you in the optimal direction of success.

Imagine learning tons and growing professionally without stress. Imagine rocketing your career further ahead.

That’s exactly what I’d like to do for you and why I’ve spent the last year working on a new project to support your success.

I’ve been so fortunate in my career. I’ve had amazing colleagues and clients. I want you to be fortunate and experience the best parts of being a professional communicator.

Introducing Communicator Launch Kit – a one-weekend course to help launch you forward.

If you’re feeling like you’re working without a safety net, you’re not alone. Many professionals are exactly in the same position. The challenge is not all professionals have access to the support systems, mentors or guidance to steer clear of professional risk and toward success.

  • And if you’re feeling like you can eventually figure this stuff out on your own, you’re right. But it may take you longer than you think. I got caught in the trap of my own pride, saying to myself, “it should be easy to figure this stuff out.” Consequently, I never found the help that could have saved me time and frustration early in my career. As I’ve said before. I simply didn’t know, what I didn’t know.
  • The fact that you reading this now, tells me you’re interested in getting ahead in your career as a communicator.
  • You want to deliver a strong first impression with your manager and with each new client or internal customer. And more than anything, you want to rock your career and prove your professional smarts. You want the world to know that you’re ready and capable. 

What makes this course different?

Here's how this weekend on-line course will help. You'll get:

  • Practical tools, templates and time savers that you can customize and use right away.

  • Advice to improve your working relationships with or start them out on the right foot.

  • You’ll gain knowledge of key corporate roles and processes that will help set you up for success.

  • You’ll identify key communication standards, and style do’s and don’ts up front.

  • And, you’ll get guidance on how to best navigate key relationships and clients and gain alignment on expectations and a shared definition of success.


Here's what you will learn:

  • In Lesson 1, you will learn about the three skills that you’ll need to master over the course of your career that will help you set a strong first impression give your career launch as a communicator a boost.
  • In Lesson 2, you’ll get an overview of communication strategies to use with your new boss and your internal clients. You’ll start to develop a keen sense of managing expectations well, leaving nothing to that fuzzy gray area where risk of failure lurks.
  • In Lesson 3, you will learn about two critical processes that you must follow each and every time you complete a project or work task – review and approval. These steps will help bulletproof your work and help to make sure you are always on solid ground.
  • In Lesson 4, you will learn about the importance of understanding the underlying organization or business problem your efforts are trying to solve. This will help you “connect the dots” with those who may be unaccustomed to working with communicators and the value communicators can bring to a company
  • In Lesson 5, you will learn about professional organizations that can help you get ahead in your career. You’ll learn how to become a part of a broader community of like-minded professionals that can support, celebrate and guide you throughout your career.
  • In Lesson 6, you will learn about how you are the best person to tell your story. You must own your metrics, your anecdotes and success. You’ll be able to tell your story well when it comes to advancing your career, credibility and professional growth.

Time to launch your career forward

You want to be the professional on the right, don't you?

I've intentionally set the price for this course at a modest level. Honestly, I want as many new communicators as possible to benefit and learn critical lessons that can move their career forward.

  • Six strategies that will help you master your career path and sharpen your effectiveness at work.
  • Six ready-to-use templates & forms to strengthen your work.
  • Standardized review & approval process guides to set your work deliverables up for success.
  • A summary of key professional organizations that can help boost your career.
  • Our favorite online resource power list for communicators.
  • Our guide to key communicator metrics that will help you consistently formulate your value to your company.

Course cost is an approachable


All you have to do is...