GreenMegaphone helps organizations articulate their ideas, develop communication strategies, manage change and transform culture


GreenMegaphone offers clients big communications horsepower in a small, agile creative communications company.  With more than 26 years as a writer and corporate storyteller, GreenMegaphone principal Daven Rosener can help by being...

  • A ready strategist and planner to help you stretch further as a leader and communicator

  • An experienced leader in both internal and external communications — helping distill complex information into compelling organizational messages and dialogue

  • An extra set of arms and legs, when you simply need more communication muscle to tell your organization’s story

  • A visual communicator adept at bringing images and words together to help clarify complex concepts and issues

Internal Communications

We help companies of all sizes achieve more through strengthened communication and connection with their employees, including:

  • Strategy Consulting — Partnering with senior leaders to develop and define culture transformation, helping translate and articulate crucial ideas and vision into actionable plans (consulting)

  • Change Management — Unraveling complex change through targeted communication plans and coherent, understandable messaging (communication plan and message development)

  • Major Initiative/Project Communication — Creating comprehensive communication plans and tactics that drive awareness, understanding and engagement on critical business issues (communication plan and message development, communication tool/vehicle creation)

  • Operational Success Communication — Sharpening the effectiveness of your messaging to achieve more operational synergy and success, as well as ensuring the right message connects with the right audience at the right time

  • Communication Program Design/Evaluation — Assessing and measuring audience perception and communication preferences as well as making thoughtful recommendations that advance communications to the next level (audit, executive interviews, focus group and existing vehicle assessment, delivery and process recommendations, new vehicle development)

External Communications

  • Marketing-Communications — Helping identify and sharpen messages and tactics that deepen our relationships with key customers and influencers.

  • Public Relations — Crafting your story and coaching your subject-matter experts for proactive media outreach (press outreach plan and material development, media coaching for subject matter experts)

  • Crisis Communications — Strategy, Plan and Execution — Defining messages and strengthening your organization’s ability to respond when media call and internal audiences have concerns (communication plan, talking points and plan execution)

I can help you.